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Cold Pressed Juice

Our products are 100% raw fruit and vegetable juices cold-pressed at the peak of freshness. Cold pressing extracts juice from produce using a gentle crushing and squeezing action as opposed to centrifuged juice that oxidizes within minutes. The cold-press method ensures that the vital enzymes, nutrients and minerals stay intact and allows for a shelf life of 7 days.

With an overwhelming increase in demand for healthy alternatives to fast food items, many people are turning to vitamin packed juices to fuel them through their day, but not every juice is created equally. Large companies are using a process called high pressure processing (HPP) to lengthen the shelf life of their juices. Although the process does not use heat to treat the juices, pressurizing them essentially does the same thing and destroys good bacteria and nutrients.

At Function Juicery, we provide the freshest, most nutrient rich products, even if we have to work twice as hard to ensure that. We juice in small batches every day and carefully sort through every piece of produce to ensure the best tasting juice available.

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